The Table

Gathering around and at the table is a time and place of great importance in the Bible. Fellowship among believers was built, love was shared, and essential conversations occurred.  Not only does the table meet our familial and communal needs, but, as believers, we are invited to the Lord's table, where we celebrate communion, remembering what Jesus has done for us and the price He paid for our salvation.

As a church, we aim to encourage and equip you in your journey of discipleship toward Jesus. One way we have in mind to accomplish that goal is to present monthly table discussions built around obeying the commands of Jesus. In Luke 6:46, Jesus says, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?” Our focus is devotion and obedience to Christ. Following his question, Jesus leads his disciples in a parable, ultimately teaching that we must build our lives on the rock, which in this case, is Christ and his teachings. At RockPile, we want you to be challenged to do what Jesus commanded so that we are fulfilling what he advises; to be firmly founded on the rock, and able to weather any storm of life.

Therefore, each month, we will set our hearts, minds, and bodies on one command we see from Jesus in the Gospels. As part of our DNA, we aim to sit down at the table with our families, friends, co-workers, or anyone in our spheres of influence and hold each other accountable for following Jesus obediently.  

The table can be in your home, around your dinner table, or around any other table you can find. At the coffee shop or your favorite restaurant. In the workplace break room or on the trails at the local park.  Wherever your life and influence may take you, bring people with you and meet at the table.

May we be a church that follows the commands of Jesus and not only be hearers but doers of his Word (James 1:22).

You can find monthly examples of what a table discussion could be like by listening to the “Digital Table Podcast” found on speaker, apple podcast, or Spotify.  We also have it linked below.